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Built for experienced AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT users looking for a cost effective alternative with 100% compatibility.

TurboCAD Expert 2017 is a complete 2D/3D CAD Software package for experienced AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT users looking for a powerful alternative at a fraction of the cost. TurboCAD Expert is easy to learn thanks to an AutoCAD®-like drafting interface. TurboCAD Expert allows you to create, edit, show and document your CAD drawings using a highly efficient work process.

  • 100% Compatibility with all major CAD drawing file formats such as AutoCAD® DWG/DXF, STL for 3D Printing and SKP (SketchUp).
  • TurboCAD Expert 2017 comes with a built in optional AutoCAD-like 2D drafting interface with both command line and dynamic input cursor support to simplify transition from AutoCAD.
  • Thanks to easy-to-use set up wizards, context-sensitive help menus, snaps and tools for handle-based editing and alignment TurboCAD Expert makes you highly efficient in your daily CAD work.

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