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ProgeCAD Videos

iCADMac is the proven CAD alternative at a fraction of the cost. Learn more about the advantages in the iCADMac videos below. Visit our download page to get a fully functional free 30 Day iCADMac Trial.

iCADMac Intro Video

iCADMac is the user friendly 2D/3D CAD Software for Mac. It works on all Mac OS X computers and is AutoCADĀ® compatible. In this video you will get an introduction to the fully featured CAD package and see how it reads and writes DWG format CAD drawing files for Mac.

iCADMac 2014 - New Features

Several new and powerful features were released in the iCADMac 2014 Version. This video presents a handful of these such as the new 64-bit version alternative, native support for DWG 20144 read/write support and enhanced performance of loading, recomposing and saving large files.

iCADMac 3D PDF Plugin

With iCADMac you can create PDF files of your drawings with dynamic 3D content inside. iCADMac is the only DWG CAD for Mac that supports this feature. In this video you will see this feature in action.