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iCADMac 2016

License type: Single User

Platform: Mac OS X

iCADMac is an easy-to-use AutoCAD® compatible CAD program for Mac OS X at an affordable price. With iCADMac you get a full DWG CAD package for 2D design and 3D drawings packed with features such as PDF to DWG conversion and 3D PDF export. Supports easy transfer of drawings to your iPad® or iPhone®!

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  • iCADMac is the first 2D/3D CAD Software for Mac with full native support for DXF and DWG-files from AutoCAD® version 2.5 to AutoCAD® 2016. Open, Edit and Save your files exactly as you would in AutoCAD®.
  • No learning curve. Thanks to its easy-to-use and customizable user interface, which resembles the AutoCAD® experience, you will get going with lightning speed.
  • Bring your drawings to your iPad® or iPhone® where they can be displayed, edited with notes and then read back into the program.
  • A fully featured CAD solution for Mac OS X. iCADMac is a complete DWG based CAD software for Mac offering a wide range of features and tools for 2D design and 3D modelling. All packed in a familiar interface and with high compatibility for AutoCAD® collaboration.
  • Cutting edge PDF import and export support. Easily import and export your PDF drawings with all layers intact with just a few clicks.
  • Affordable one-time pricing. iCADMac costs just a fraction of the cost of comparable CAD software packages for Mac. No annual fee or subscription costs involved!
  • Enjoy your free 30-day trial period of the full functional program to evaluate that it meets your entire CAD drawing needs.

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iCADMac 2016 Resources

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iCADMac 2016 System Requirements

  • Hardware: Apple® Mac® Pro, MacBook® Pro, iMac®, Mac® Mini, MacBook Air®, MacBook®
  • Operating system: Mac OS X v10.7 or later
  • Processor: x64 Intel® processor
  • Memory: 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended) and 2GB of free hard disk space for standard installation
  • Resolution: 1020x768 True Color display
  • Graphics: All graphics card on supported hardware above
  • Devices: Mac OS X compliant printer

iCADMac 2016 Features

AutoCAD® Compatible DWG File Sharing
iCADMac is 100% AutoCAD® compatible and allows sharing of DWG files with AutoCAD® version 2.5 through 2016. With iCADMac you can seamlessly open, edit and save CAD files from clients or co-workers using AutoCAD®.

Layered PDF import and export with DWG conversion
iCADMac also works as a powerful PDF to DWG for Mac allowing you to easily import drawings from PDF-files. iCADMac makes it easy for you to keep the layers both when importing and exporting DWG to PDF to preserve the DWG drawing layers.

PDF 3D Export
With iCADMac you can create PDF files of your drawings with dynamic 3D content inside. iCADMac is the only DWG CAD for Mac that supports this feature.

Get started with more than 20 000 free CAD building blocks and symbols
iCADMac is equipped with a Blocks Library Manager which comes with over 20 000 ready-to-use CAD symbols/blocks for your convenience.

iPad® and iPhone® Support
Easily transfer your DWG drawings onto your iPhone® or iPad® with the free application AutoCAD® 360. The drawings can be sent to your device through email and modified with notes and comments. You then import them back into DWG-format.

Easily share and collaborate using the Design Center
The built in Design Center lets you easily share content between files and computers on your local network. Boost your productivity by accessing contents like blocks, symbols, reference drawings, images, layers, sheets, styles, etc. already produced by you or your co-workers.

No learning curve for experienced AutoCAD® user
iCADMac resembles most of the AutoCAD® functionality. Several of the important user interface elements and menus used in iCADMac has an AutoCAD® look-and-feel which you will find familiar and quickly get accustomed with in your work process.

Easily create file packages
iCADMac lets you create a package of all the containing resources in a drawing such as its dependent files, referenced images and PDFs, font files, font mapping files, PrintStyle files and Print Configuration files. This makes it easier to transfer projects between you and your clients/co-workers.

Common Questions

Can I install iCADMac on more than one computer with this license?
No, unfortunately the license only works for installation at one computer.

Is iCADMac a version of ProgeCAD for Mac?
No, iCADMac and ProgeCAD are two different programs that happens to share certain key characteristics such as native DWG-file support, 100% AutoCAD® compatibility, low one-time cost, etc. iCADMac has the look-and-feel of an ordinary Mac OS X program and ProgeCAD resembles AutoCAD® in its look.

Is there any block library with free CAD symbols included in iCADMac ready to use?
Yes, more than 20 000 block symbols are included in iCADMac from categories such as architectural (outdoor, indoors), steel profiles, electrical, 3D furniture, oil hydraulics.

Can iCADMac be used for CAD house drawings?
Yes, iCADMac is a highly competent CAD software for all kinds of drawings. You can draw everything in iCADMac as 2D or 3D that you can draw on a piece of paper!

What is the difference between iCADMac and AutoCAD®?
In terms of functionality iCADMac resembles most of the key AutoCAD® characteristics and it lets you collaborate seamlessly with customers or co-workers using AutoCAD® as iCADMac natively supports the DWG-file format. In terms of look-and-feel iCADMac has a more traditional Mac OS X based user interface. The biggest difference however lies in the pricing of the programs. iCADMac only costs a fraction of the price of AutoCAD®.

Does iCADMac come with an annual subscription fee?
No, when you buy iCADMac you pay a one-time license fee and can then use the program for as long as you want. iCADMac doesn´t come with any hidden charges or recurrent costs. It is entirely up to you if and when you want like to upgrade the program

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