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ProgeCAD Tutorials

Are you looking to improve your CAD drawings skills or want to begin with 3D CAD design? You have come to the right place. Use the ProgeCAD tutorials below to improve your technical skills and get started.

Free ProgeCAD Tutorials for Download

Inside ProgeCAD

By Ralph Grabowski, 233 pages

In this ProgeCAD tutorial the skilled technical writer Ralph Grabowski guides new users to ProgeCAD as well as users with previous experience from AutoCAD. You will learn about all the features and add-ons in ProgeCAD, how the interface works, the similarities between ProgeCAD and AutoCAD, how to create new drawings and symbols, how you edit drawings and add text to them, etc.


  1. Welcome to ProgeCAD
  2. Your Guided Tour Through ProgeCAD
  3. 141 Tips
  4. ProgeCAD for AutoCAD Users
  5. Introducing to Boardwalk
  6. Setting Up New Drawings
  7. Drawing Exterior Walls
  8. Defining Interior Spaces
  9. Printing Drawings
  10. Creating Symbols
  11. Placing Text
  12. Adding Dimensions
  13. Interacting with Satellite Images
  14. Appendix - Keybord, Shortcuts, Aliases & Buttons

Tailoring ProgeCAD

By Ralph Grabowski, 272 pages

This ProgeCAD tutorial is for more advanced users and focuses on how to customize ProgeCAD for maximized productivity. It is written by Ralph Grabowski who has vast experience from CAD Software education. You will learn about tailoring the ProgeCAD environment, creating shortcuts and aliases, writing macros, making hatch patterns with easy to follow step by step instructions for every part.


  1. Tailoring the Environment of ProgeCAD
  2. Creating Keystroke Shortcuts & Aliases
  3. Modifying Toolbars & Writing Macros
  4. Customizing Menues
  5. Customizing Linetypes
  6. Making Hatch Patterns
  7. Creating Shapes & Fonts
  8. Using Script Files
  9. Programming LISP
  10. Introduction to DCL
  11. DCL Reference
  12. Employing Diesel Expressions
  13. Understanding DXF

ProgeCAD for AutoCAD Users (Excerpt)

By Ralph Grabowski, 14 pages

This is the perfect guide for experienced AutoCAD users who wants to switch to ProgeCAD. It is an excerpt from the excellent tutorial Inside ProgeCAD and covers area such as similarities between ProgreCAD and AutoCAD, comparison of commands and system variables, differences in customizing and programming, etc. Overall, migrating from AutoCAD to ProgreCAD is a subtle and easy process.


  1. AutoCAD and ProgeCAD Share Similarities
  2. Highlighting ProgeCAD Advantages
  3. Comparing Commands and System Variables
  4. Command Differences
  5. Commands Enhanced in ProgeCAD
  6. Reading and Writing DWG Files
  7. Customizing and Programming
  8. Pricing
  9. System Requirements
  10. ProgeCAD vs AutoCAD Dictionary

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