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ProgeCAD Videos

ProgeCAD Professional is the proven CAD alternative at a fraction of the cost. Learn more about the advantages in the ProgeCAD videos below. Visit our download page to get a fully functional free 30 Day ProgeCAD Trial.

ProgeCAD 2018 New Features Video

In the video below you get a quick tour of the main new features in ProgeCAD 2018. Some of the highlights are the SHAPE (ESRI) Import support, the new advanced rendering, inclusion of superhatch commands, perspective image correction, DWG 2018 support, parallel GUIs for both Ribbon and Classic Menus, Enhanced DWF to DWG conversion and Tables Style.

ProgeCAD Overview Main Features

ProgeCAD is an IntelliCAD based CAD platform for 2D and 3D drawing with several powerful features and tools. ProgeCAD is easy to get started with and comes at a very low price compared to other CAD Software packages. In this video we give you an overview of the main features in ProgeCAD.

5 Reasons to choose ProgeCAD

ProgeCAD offers several advantages over other CAD programs except from being a very cheap cad software alternative. In this video the five most compelling reasons are presented. These are; Full DWG-compatibility, Easy-of-use, Excellent value for money – save up to 90% compared to AutoCAD®, Exclusive tools and features such as 3D PDF Export and finally the ability to try the fully functional program for 30 days free of charge.

3D PDF CAD Export with ProgeCAD

One of the exclusive features included in ProgeCAD is the 3D PDF Export functionality. The latest version includes one-click 3D PDF export and new improved compression modes, image clipping and gradient hatches for 2D export. Learn more about converting your CAD DWG files to 3D PDF in the video below.

New Advanced Rendering with Artisan

The latest ProgeCAD version shops with a new integration with Artisan Render which allows you to easily create photorealistic images of your models using a wide range of pre-set materials and lighting setups. Learn more about these rendering possibilities and the ready-to-use libraries.

Perspective Image Correction

Perspective Image Correction is a brand new plug-in which lets you insert pictures/photos into a drawing and adjusting their perspective distortion in an easy and intuitive way. The video below shows you have this is done and what the results looks like.

ProgeCAD Vectorizer

ProgeCAD offers a powerful Raster to Vector module that lets you convert a raster image into a DWG CAD file. For example you can scan and convert your paper drawings into fully editable CAD vectors. This video shows you how this process is done in three simple steps.

ProgeCAD Cloud

Improve your CAD drawing productivity by accessing your shared files anywhere anytime. With ProgeCAD you can save and open CAD drawings in the Cloud. This feature makes your work more flexible and allows for virtual collaboration. Learn more about working with your CAD files in the Cloud in this video.